The Dragons Need You!

Kindle Scout–heard of it? It’s a program whereby authors submit books in the hopes of gaining a publishing deal with Amazon. Info on each book is posted on the Kindle Scout page and votes (nominations) are solicited for 30 days. If the book is ultimately awarded a deal, readers who nominated it automatically receive an ecopy. Win-win for everyone, right? And it takes only a few minutes of your time to help a deserving book get the gig. Guess what…the book I’m asking you to support isn’t one of mine.



Julie Nicholls is an amazing graphic artist; she designs all my book covers, banners, etc. If you haven’t heard, she’s also quite an accomplished author. If you’re a fantasy fan, be sure to check out Demon Within and the other two titles in that adult series.

With Dragon Moon, though, I think Julie has found her groove. While it’s categorized as Young Adult, all ages will enjoy this fast-paced, often humorous adventure. At one point, the heroine and her warrior sidekick are forcibly camouflaged with dragon poop. Now that’s funny…unless you’re the one it was spewed on.

Do me a solid and check out the Kindle Scout page for Dragon Moon. Read the blurb and the sample chapter. If it tickles your fancy, ciick the Nominate button. It’s just that easy. Then keep your fingers crossed the mysterious powers that be at Amazon get it right.

Or I’m really going to be tempted to sic a dragon on ’em.


 – Excerpt – One of my fav scenes. Every kid (and a lot of adults love a poop joke.  Scarlett an Elyan are riding their dragons on a late-night raid in the realm of the dark dragons.

I check behind me and see Elyan is still with us.

We glide over a small mountain range and then Maudel swoops down to fly within a narrow gorge. I can see a river beneath us, the water rippling under the full moon. I can hear screeching. It sounds awfully loud and I glance around but can’t see anything. Maudel follows the river and glides smoothly; she is silent, making as little noise as possible. It makes me wonder if the other dragons come mostly at night.

Didn’t we pick a perfect time to visit.

After a few more minutes, Maudel flies lower. We’re just a few feet above the ground and she veers off to the left and stops following the river. Stealthily she lands in an open, grassy field that absolutely stinks! When you live in a rural area of England, you get used to the smell of manure when it’s sprayed over the fields to fertilize, however…this is beyond manure. This is the biggest stinking sh… muck I’ve ever had to sniff. Not that I’m sniffing! I’m trying not to breathe so I don’t inhale the damn stuff. I’m not telling her how to do her job, but I have to question what she’s thinking. We’re like sitting ducks out here!


“Okay…I do, but is there a reason we’re landing in the open?”


“Let’s have it then.”

She roots her snout into the grass and after sniffing and snorting, emerges with a nose full of vile, putrid mud. Her neck bends and she looks right at me.

“I’m not going to like this, am I?”

Whether she sneezed or she meant to do it, I am covered from head to toe in this crap. And I expect that’s exactly what it is–dragon crap!

“Are you kidding me? Was that absolutely necessary?”

Yesss… not sssmell like food…


“You’re forgiven!”

Elyan and Braelyn land just a few feet away and he’s given the same treatment. Waving to attract his attention, I give him a thumbs up. “We don’t smell like food anymore!”

“That is good to know.”


Free book alert!

I’ve been told all my life not to give it away. I didn’t listen then and I’m not listening now. Before your jaw hits the floor…I’m talking about free books.

September 6 & 7, On-the-Job Training: Orientation will be free on AmazonOTJT cover full! Get your copy and join John and Laura on their BDSM-flavored office romance ride. Please be aware that OTJT is a serial, not a series. What does that mean? It means the three books–Orientation, Probation Period, and Permanent Position–make up one continuous storyline.

But wait, Jordan, you said books, not book. What’s up with that? Check out the FREE BOOK OFFER button at the top of the sidebar on the right and you’ll see! A copy of 4Play for doing no more than plugging in your email address and first name.

I didn’t pick tomorrow and Wednesday to offer OTJT1 for free at random. I’ll be opening an author event at the fabulous Tall, Dom & Dirty Facebook site tomorrow at 5:00 PM EDT and I didn’t want to show up empty-handed. Check out the author lineup, click Going, and hang out with the cool peeps at TDD. Hope to see you there!

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Welcome to my new website!

As you can see, it’s not quite finished but it’s getting there. It’s been MANY years since I dabbled in web design and technology has not stood still in my absence. So…can you say learning curve? I knew you could.

Never fear, I will get this puppy done in short order and hopefully make good use of it. Excerpts, recorded readings, book release announcements, book reviews and recommendations are forthcoming.

Much love!