Writing blind – part 2

Long time, no see which translates to long time, no write. Nah, I exaggerate. Typically I’ve had at least a few hours every day when my vision clears up enough that I can read or write for a bit. The rest of the time…well, I’ve become addicted to YouTube and I can now tell you 50 different ways to put on makeup to camouflage your hooded eyes. I wish I was joking about that.

The latest scoop on the eyesight front is I’ve had to take fish oil capsules for the last few months in an attempt to alleviate my dry eyes. The doc wants my sick cornea less sick, if at all possible. Unfortunately, the particular ones she wants me to take are obviously meant for horses and I have a lot of trouble getting them down. They get stuck most of the time, so I can either hack them up like a cat with a furball or enjoy the yummy taste of lemony cod for hours on end. I’ll have to check into smaller pills. Honestly, I’d rather just eat the damn fish. I see the doc again in a couple of weeks and we’ll see if surgery can possibly be done in December while my charming husband is on break from college.



I’ve had a heck of a time getting motivated to work on ReMastered, what with all this hacking up pills and watching wig reviews on YouTube. So, in order to kick my own ass, I signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month–NaNoWriMo for short. The idea of NaNo is to challenge yourself to write 50,000 words during the month of November. It’s definitely doable IF you have the self-discipline. That IF is in caps for a reason. I know myself well enough to know I hate to publicly fail, though, so this might be the stick I need since the carrot would probably get hung up with the fish oil pill.

There are obstacles to my success I can’t ignore:

  • My eyesight might poop out on me for days at a time. It’s done it before.
  • My charming husband is having surgery in mid-November. This could go either way. I might be more focused to write during my alone time. But this procedure could go all kinds of sideways and…well, I don’t wan to go there.
  • ReMastered may not be 50,000 words long. I envisioned it as a novella so if I do actually finish it, I’ll have to start writing something else to get the word count in.
  • Thanksgiving. Cooking an obscene amount of food and I usually put up my Christmas tree that weekend. It might have to wait, depends on the word count at the time.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. This should be…interesting.

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