The Dragons are Here!

dm-coverHands down my fav book of 2016..and that’s counting mine! Yes, that’s my name in the editor slot, but I could not be more proud of this book if I’d written it myself.

Here’s the most important thing you need to know – Dragon Moon is at a special pre-order price of 99 cents thought October 12 ONLY. Order yours now at this very discounted price.


Dragon Moon is labeled as a Young Adult book, but readers of all ages wil enjoy it. Themes of anti-bullying and anti-prejudice are woven into a fantasy tale of adventure and magic. I want to talk to a dragon!

EXCERPT – Scarlett meets Maori

The ground shakes…once…twice…thud…thud. I can hear breathing. Loud breathing.

My head is full of wasps, or bees, or something else irritating. I can’t hear anything over it except…

Hello, Ssscarlett.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I’m not awake…I can’t be.

I’ve been waiting for you.

Oh, shit, I hope you’ve eaten already. Did you fly by for a McMuffin before you came home? Please say yes…please.

I not eatsss peoplesss.

Fabulous! Wait…it can hear my thoughts.

Yesss… can.


Come clossser.

The dragon is halfway out of the cave and fills up the doorway. It’s bright red, and it’s beautiful. I never expected to say that about a dragon, but it is. Large black eyes with an orange iris stare at me, while long sharp teeth wait to tear my flesh apart. Well, they look like they could. Ugh…that’s why they’ve dressed me in red! I’m Little Red Riding Hood.

All the better to eat you, my dear….

Clossser, Ssscarlett.

I glance over to Dizelli. She’s just standing there, staring at me and smiling.

“Can you hear it, I mean, her?”


“But you know she’s talking to me, in my head…don’t you?”


My eyes focus back on the dragon. The magnificent dragon, which I might add looks like it needs a snooze because it seems to be struggling to stand up. It flops to the floor suddenly and the ground shakes as though it’s been hit by a meteor.

It doesn’t look very well.

I need to sssleep.

Oh, I suppose you’ve been out all night living it up at a BBQ. Roasted pig and sheep as appetizers, followed by a herd of cows.

Come to me, Ssscarlett.

Okay. I make up my mind and I’m going in. Moving forward with small footsteps, I near the dragon’s head. Staring into black eyes, I see something other than my reflection. Loneliness. I can feel it.

I am Maori. Waited long time… for you, Ssscarlett.

“So everyone keeps telling me.”

I’m so close now that if I wanted, I could stretch out my hand and touch her.

I not bite.

“Glad to hear that.” I reach out and rest my fingertips on her snout. She’s hot and surprisingly smooth. The scales along her nose are smaller and are a slightly lighter red. The ones around her neck are much darker.

I continue to touch and slowly move up her head. I have to inch closer to reach, but I don’t feel in danger. I feel…safe.


Come along for the ride of your life. No matter your age,you’ll feel a child’s wonder as you’re surrounded by dragons in a land called Lur Neval.

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