Get some frights in the night!

It won’t kill you to take a break from erotic romance, I PROMISE

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chicanery-coverChicanery by Barbara Chioffi is a great little collection of eight tales of horror. Here’s my review which pretty much sums up my opinion.

5 StarsĀ  Creeps and Crawlies – Clowns. Giant spiders. Demons. Sadistic relatives. Okay, I bet at least one of those got your attention! If you were a fan of The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, or any other horror anthology series, Chicanery is right up your dark alley. You know–the one with the broken streetlight. Quick, creepy stories perfect for bedtime reading…if you enjoy looking under the bed and in the closet ten times.

My personal favorite of the collection is The Basement. It’s a tightly told tale of a spunky adolescent who makes a horrible discovery lurking in the basement of the family’s rental house. That kid was braver than I would ever be; I would have been out of there so fast sparks would have been seen in my wake.

Well written and running the gamut from a subtle scare to outright terror, each of Ms. Chioffi’s offerings will have you looking over your shoulder. After reading The Bees Knees, I’ll never look at honeybees quite the same again.

This book is suitable for all ages except very young children, unless they’ve been real stinkers and you want to scare the bejsus out of them. Seriously…tweens and up. There’s no explicit sexual content, but one story does contain references to the act.

Ugh. What is it about clowns? <shudder>


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